Herpstat ND

Herpstat PRO:

Spyder Robotics

  • Four output proportional heating constantly monitors and adjusts amount of heat necessary to maintain a target temperature (Usable range from 50°F to 140°F or 10°C to 60°C). Can also be used in non-proportional (on / off) mode.
  • Outputs 1 & 2 configurable for Heating / Cooling. Outputs 3 & 4 can be configured for Heating / Cooling or Lighting with simulated sunrise / sunset and Moonlite features.
  • Sensor Matching allows the user to digitally calibrate the sensor output to match other equipment.
  • Power Matching allows the user to increase / decrease the proportional power output curve to match the enclosures efficiency.
  • Coil Warming feature for enclosures using heating coils to increase accuracy.
  • Night Drop feature built in with real time clock allows individual night drop settings for each output. Also able to completely turn off the output during the night cycle.
  • Cooling function allows control of basic cooling devices.
  • High / Low temperature tracking helps monitor heating system and enclosure efficiency.
  • Individually selectable High / Low temperature threshold alarms.
  • Precision sensors with internal resolution of .1125 °F and is accurate to ± .9 °F
  • Display and setting in tenths of a degree.
  • Alarm Clock feature great for daily reminders.
  • All settings are retained in memory even if power is lost.
  • Power Outage detection / tracking.
  • Temperature can be set / displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Removable sensors allow for easy replacement if necessary.
  • Resettable fuses never require replacement.
  • Each output is fused separately keeping an outage on one output from affecting the other.
  • Audible alarm system
  • Internal error detection shuts off heat if sensor fails or is disconnected.
  • Internal temperature sensor monitors heat and controls internal fan. Also shuts down outputs if overheated for safety. Restarts automatically once cooled.
  • Device firmware is user upgradeable with optional USB cable.
  • Security Passcode option deters vandals.
  • 400 Watt rating for each output (1600 watts total output) sufficient for most incubators, rack systems, enclosures, and vivariums.
  • 1 year limited warranty
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