ARS5540 Hybrid Python/Boa/Colubrid Reptile System

The ARS-5540 Hybrid System Includes:

  • 10 Levels
  • 40 Tubs
  • Tubs Measure 5.25"H X 13"W X 33.25"D
    • Base Frame with 4" Casters
    • 5" Heat Panels
    • 4' Power Strip

Shipping and Crating charges are not included in prices

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ARS-5540 Hybrid Systems

ARS Hybrid
  • Easy assembly

Hybrid AssembleHybrid Base Assemble

  • Racks can be disassembled for transportation
  • Glide design allows for smoother sliding tubs
  • Overall weight is up to 40% less than traditional rack systems
  • With less weight, freight costs will decrease by up to 40%
  • Removable tops come standard with 20% ventilation
  • 55 Series Instruction Manual (coming soon)

Included with complete system:

10 Levels

5" Heat Panels

4' Power Strip

40 Gray Tubs* or optional Clear ABS Tub*

Base Frame w/ 4" Casters

E-Series upgrade

*Tubs available in gray or clear ABS
with or without cup holders

Optional Equipment:

VE-300Herpstat 1

Vivarium Electronics and

Herpstat Proportional Thermostats

E-Series upgrade

12" E-Series Heating Upgrade Optional - Call To Order

Single Levels are also available

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5040 HybridARS Hybrid

Complete System $2095

5040 Hybrid

*Shipping Not Included In Price

v. 12.03.20